About Us


The Team


The team at Inspiree has a background in strategy, operations and innovations. But the most important common denominator across the team is our passion for business.

The major benefits of our team is to have clear ideas on where to take our projects.

Breaking new grounds, or rediscovering products from the past, innovation today means everything from extending a familiar concept in an unlikely direction to create brand new categories. The rules of marketing, positioning, targeting and developing are changing across all markets. Inspiree analyzes and studies mass market sectors and invent or reinvent new products, working closely with Clients to identify and build new products and service propositions which can be rapidly taken to market to generate new revenue streams.

This frees up significant amount of our teams time, allowing us to focus on our mission empowering entrepreneurs and executives to transform their industries.

The relationship we have with owner-managers is not limited to formal board meetings. We love an open dialogue with our clients and frequently interact with them as they seek our advice on issues facing their businesses. This allows them to move rapidly without red tape.

Our Approach

Business Analysis

In most companies, just about all the cards are stacked against the nurturing of innovation, especially the kinds of new ideas and disruptive innovations that generally lead to major changes in the marketplace and within the business.

With our service, the immense number of ideas can come to life as the chase is on for discovery.

At Inspiree we are never satisfied and we are never thinking that enough has already been done.

This is our objective, to expand on Innovations.

We conduct systematic consumer analyses and trend monitoring on a global scale. The insight gained by market intelligence is for us an indispensable foundation for developing innovative product concepts.









A winner is just a dreamer who never gave up.

The Ideas

Rebel Challenge:

We look at industrial products with a rebel mood. Buying a product should mean buying an Experience.

Rebel mood for us means to Develop New Ways people can Interact with products. We want people to enjoy new Significant experiences of Consumption.

Revolutionary Innovations:

For us "revolutionary" innovations means to re-think products to be both ethical and smart, eco-friendly and advantageous.

Soulful products which talk new and "ahead" semantic speeches to the end user.

Business Options:

Creating brand new Niches and new Business Options.

Challenging "Killer Applications" for current and future markets.



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