CandyCap is a plastic closure cap with a semi-spherical candy hinged on the top.

The first thing we had to solve was the health factor. We would have not put on the market a product that could go against what we would have given to our children. The candy used on CandyCap, is a sugarfree candy full of Vitamines.



For the first time in the beverage industry this breakthrough innovation will offer a unique multi-sensorial and interactive experience.


Studies have proven that the taste experience is empowered and fully enjoyed when sense of touch and sense of smell are closely involved.


CandyCap involves and enhances all the kid's senses:

touch (the child will place his tongue on the delicious smooth surface of the small candy, while drinking); taste: the flavor of the candy will give a delicious hint of flavor that will mix with the drink;

smell: nose receptors will smell the candy thus enhancing the whole flavour sensation.


An Enhanced-Taste Beverage.

mixing flavoured water/Tea with a delicious taste-matching deposited candy.

CANDYCAP lets the water flow around the candy and in this way it slowly melts with it, enhancing the flavour and enriching the water with its beneficial ingredients: [ISOMALT, VITAMINS, etc..]

With an innovative and interactive way of time releasing flavour and functional ingredients.


State of the art

The innovative closure has been completely engineered, sampled, and marketed to four beverage manufacturing companies, in four different countries, which have showed large interest in the product.



Teeth health



The latest technology Candies are made with ISOMALT.

ISOMALT - the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar that tastes as naturally sweet as conventional sugar.

Tooth friendly, reduced-calorie and low glycemic, useful for the remineralization of teeth and dental health:

with these benefits, ISOMALT suits every consumer profile.

ISOMALT’s technological advantages make it easy to produce sugar-free premium products for the growing market of health-conscious consumers.



Furthermore the candy on the CandyCap represents a new way to get vitamins, real vitamins, to kids body, while drinking water.

The deliciously flavoured candy can contain:

Vitamins a c d e, that help to support healthy immunity system and muscle grow.

Zinc, a powerful antioxidant protection of kids' body tissues

Calcium, for healthy bones

Omega 3 dha, which helps to promote kids' healthy brain function and development.


Creating a New Market Segment


CandyCap can help building a new niche in the kid’s beverage market,

bringing higher profits to the category.


CandyCap will enable a range of new drinks propositions that both kids and moms will love:

CandyCap makes it easier for mums to give water to their kids.

Thanks to the new CandyCap, drinking becomes an Enjoyable, Fun, Interactive, Playful, Tasty and Healthy experience!



CandyCap creates a cross-sectors new category.

CandyCap combines the world of Beverage and Confectionery togheter.

It’s a creative marketing solution to build a brand new category, discovering / creating unmet needs.



It will build a new market at the intersection of confectionery and drink categories, widening each sector’s

sales, and gaining also brand new consumers.


For beverages company’s marketers, it will be a a powerful marketing tool for brand repositioning / extensions / new launches.


Candy manufacturers will successfully de-seasonalise candy production and earn new revenue streams from another category."


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