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We are an Open Innovation Boutique We believe in co-developing and partnerships.


New products and services are the lifeblood of all businesses.

Investing in their development isn't an optional extra - it is crucial to business growth and profitability.


We have developed and are developing new products and propositions in several industry categories: Food&Beverage, Healthcare&Beauty, Fashion, Internet & Mobile apps and devices.

Our milestone is to hit the competition "where they aren't".

Our products aim to create new adjacent markets, opening channels and gathering interest. When we do this, we work with an Open Innovation approach, and our team leads all the development process end-to-end.

So our objectives are:

- Identify a unique niche to dominate and grow from

- Build a new market


Inspirational and provocateurs, we are a catalyst for companies and investors that seek breakthrough innovation and wish to look beyond the obvious answers.

When we started the business in 2012, we never tought we where going to patent so many products. We aimed to get one product ready and then move on to the next one, but when you work deeply on a product you discover a market and all the problems or opportunities that the market might offer and you can not stop inventing in order to protect your initial innovation and create an IP competitive advantage. So here we are, looking back and thinking how great life is when you can invent. On this page we only want to give you a tip on what we are working, i mean, only what it's already protected by a patent application, of course. Indeed we are working also on some other products or services and we will keep you updated in due course. If you think there is something you could help with or just something else you might want to know about our product portfolio, please email us on or simply call us on +44 779 1110001. Alternatevly, just keep an eye on this site.

In the Pipeline


SecurePull Cap

Just what the market needs to solve one of the latest problems in the push-pull closure for kids industry!


Push-Pull caps are loved by Kids, but they have a big problem: Chocking Hazard

The British Soft Drinks Association has raised the alarm, consisting of the danger that, with the current push-pull plugs on the market, a child might bite the cursor off, and accidentally swallow it.

Companies like ASDA and Britvic have recently recalled drinks due to sport cap chocking risks.

We are parents ourselves, and we would never give a risky push-pull to our children.

So there is a big opportunity in the market to replace existing push-pulls.


We have fully engeneered and developed a solution that radically solves the problem, and we are confident to successfully replace most of the existing push-pull closures in the market.

SecurePull encompasses also a series of advantagious features such as: size reduction, flip-top cover, one single-snap closing, and ergonomy.













Coming soon


Elisir cap

The next revolutionary innovation that will change the consumption of liquid medicines.


From 2005 to 2012, the global volume of functional bottled water has more than doubled.

Due to its high average unit price and soaring volumes of late, functional bottled water is a category worthy of attention; furthermore, due to an average unit price for functional bottled water that is much higher than total bottled water, the functional category accounts for 9% of total bottled water value sales in 2012.


The modern consumer is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of functional advantages in products. He wants to have it all: fun, taste and health. Moreover he is demanding for "REAL" functional products, not only marketing promises but efficacy, performance, results.

To answer this increasing demand for functional drinks, beverage manufacturers are creating new conceptual water products with added vitamins and nutritional substances in bottled water.

Major soft drink companies are increasingly investing in this niche, seeking an enormous developing potential. Mostly by billion dollar aquisitions (i.e. CocaCola aquired Glacea-Vitamin water - for $4,1 bln).


In the enhanced water market:

Taste does matters.

Health does matters.


Problem: recent researches have proven a premature nutrient decay in nutritional enhanced waters.


To solve ingredient integrity issues and enrich the taste experience, we created a unique product: ElisirCap.

ElisirCap is an exclusive, patented and first time to market beverage technology for the functional & vitamin enhanced water category.

The unique plus of ElisirCap, is that differently from other dispensing cap solutions on the market, with ElisirCap we aimed at enriching the taste experience.

Water + Health + Taste.

Let's enjoy the future!


code name: Di.Ca.

A killer application in Social Networking.


code name: ISe, EBa. Two disruptive innovations in Mobile Devices and Apps.


code name: Ma.Ca.

A breaktrough innovation in the Health & Beauty category.


We are sorry we can not give more that just an hint on these products, if you want to know more about it, please let us know...

Innovating = Thinking Positively

We know how difficult it is to put a product on the market, we can only do it with the help of others. It's great to share the success and look back at the difficult times.

If you are:

Private Investor - Business Angel

Venture Capitalist

Entrepreneur - Manager

Simply looking to diversify your investments

We are always looking to share our projects

We believe that strategic partnerships can push the success of the product much faster than anything else.


In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

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